Technoton was established in April 2000, at the early stage of emerging market of automative telematics and GPS tracking systems. We started with development and manufacture of GPS tracking devices,fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters.

Fuel flow meter DFM Marine
DFM Marine is used in telematics systems (GPS and satellite tracking systems) and as a standalone fuel monitoring solution. DFM Marine is installed in the engine / boiler / burner fuel line. It measures uel consumption and generates an output signal that is sent to the telematics unit or data logger (GPS tracker).

DFM Marine is used to control fuel consumption and engine running time (fuel consumer) and is suitable for:
» Water transport - sea and river vessels;
» Locomotives and railway machines;
» Career and mining equipment;
» Powerful diesel generators, boilers, burners.

» Fuel misuse and theft detection
» Fuel consumption monitoring
» Check the engine for fuel consumption
» Measurement of engine working hours

Operation in differential fuel consumption measurement mode
Any two DFM Marine devices are configured on the PC for interfacing without the need to select and calibrate two compatible parts. The differential mode of fuel consumption measurement is used to measure the fuel consumption in the supply lines and return the fuel if necessary.

Differential fuel flow meter DFM D
DFM D differential fuel flow meter is designed for measurement of diesel fuel consumption in the fuel lines of vehicles and stationary engines and is used as part of the GPS vehicle tracking system. In addition, DFM D records the running time of the engine in various operating modes. DFM D is used to control consumption:

» Diesel fuel;
» Heating oil;
» other types of liquid fuels with kinematic viscosity from 1.5 to 6 mm2 / s.

DFM D fuel flow meters, are equipped with a display, are used as a standalone (autonomous) fuel metering solution that does not require a connection to a web server. DFM D is more suitable for modern engines (common rail systems or fuel pumps) of vehicles and stationary units.

» Preventing fuel thefts
» Fuel consumption monitoring
» Engine diagnostics
» Engine running time tracking